Chloramine-T|CAS 127-65-1

  • CAS NO.: 127-65-1
  • EINECS No.: 204-854-7
  • Molecular Formula: C7H7ClNNaO2S
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Product Information
  • Product Name: Chloramine-T
  • Molecular Weight: 227.64
  • Synonyms: (n-chloro-p-toluenesulfonamido)sodium; acti-chlore; aktivin; anexol; Benzenesulfonamide,N-chloro-4-methyl-,sodiumsalt; berkendyl; chloralone; chlorasan
  • Appearance: White powder
  • Assay: 99%
  • Min Active chlorine: 25% Min
  • Clarify: lucency
  • PH: 9~11
  • Iron: 5ppm Max
  • Heavy Metal: 5ppm Max
  • Packing: 25kg/50kg Paper drum
Chloramine-T, CAS 127-65-1, is white powder, soluble in water. It is widely used as a disinfectant. In medical industry, it is mainly for external use, which can kill bacteria, virus, fungus, spores. Chloramine-T, CAS 127-65-1, has a moderate and long-term effect, posing no stimulation to mucosa and side effect. It is normally applied in cleaning the wound and widely used in the sterilization for medical equipment in sterile labs. Beside, Chloramine-T, CAS 127-65-1, plays a role as disinfectant in other areas, such as in food and aquaculture industry. In addition, Chloramine-T, CAS 127-65-1, enjoys application in dyeing industry as well. It can be used as bleach for plant fiber and fabrics. The bleach is made by first dissolving the white powder and diluting the Chloramine-T solution with water into 0.1%-0.3%. Then heat the solution to 70-80°C. Thus, fabrics can be put into the solution to be bleached. Chloramine-T, CAS 127-65-1, also functions as oxidation desizing agent. It should be noted that Chloramine-T, CAS 127-65-1, would gradually resolve and lose available chlorine when exposed to open air, so it should be kept in sealed containers and put in a cool, dry place.
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