Methyl levulinate|CAS 624-45-3

  • CAS NO.: 624-45-3
  • EINECS No.: 210-846-4
  • Molecular Formula: C6H10O3
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Product Information
  • Product Name: Methyl levulinate
  • Molecular Weight: 130.14
  • Synonyms: 4-Oxo-pentanoic acid methyl ester (methyl levulinate); 4-oxo-pentanoicacidmethylester; 4-oxo-pentanoicacimethylester; Methyl 4-oxopentanoate; Methyl ester of 4-Oxopentanoic acid; Methyl levulate; METHYL 4-OXOVALERATE; LEVULINIC ACID METHYL ESTER
  • Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid
  • Assay: 98.5%
  • Purity: 99% min  
  • Density: 1.051
  • Melting Point: 193-195℃
  • Usual Packing: 200kg net PE drum
Methyl levulinate, CAS 624-45-3, is stable and evaporates with little residues. It is mainly used in scientific research and development to test the contents of chemicals. Besides, it is also used as raw material of perfume. Methyl levulinate, CAS 624-45-3, should be kept in sealed containers and put in cool and dry place with the temperature of 2-8°C. Keep away from oxidants and avoid direct sunlight. Methyl levulinate, CAS 624-45-3, is irritant to people, so operators should avoid contact with eyes and skin. 


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