Stannous sulfate|CAS 7488-55-3

  • CAS NO.: 7488-55-3
  • EINECS No.: 231-302-2
  • Molecular Formula: O4SSn
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Product Information
  • Product Name: Stannous sulfate
  • Molecular Weight: 214.77
  • Synonyms: TIN(II) SULFATE; TIN(II) SULPHATE; Tinsulphate; TIN(+2)SULFATE; sulfated’etain; sulfatestanneux; Sulfuricacid,tin(2+)salt(1:1); sulfuricacid,tin(2++)salt(1:1)
  • Appearance: White or light yellow crystalline powder
  • Assay: 99%
  • Package: 50kg/iron drum or 25 kg/iron drum
  • Content: ≥99.0%
  • Hcl Insolubility: ≤0.005%
  • Chlorides: ≥0.005%
  • Iron: ≥0.005%
  • Heavy Metals (by Pb): ≥0.02%
  • Alkaline And Alkaline Earth Metals ≥0.10%
Stannous sulfate, CAS 7488-55-3, is soluble in water and dilute sulfuric acid. It enjoys wide application in various industries. It is widely used as mordant in printing, dyeing and textile industry. Besides, Stannous sulfate, CAS 7488-55-3, can be used as main material for tinplating and surface treatment for aluminum alloys. It also functions as electroplating baths and analytical chemical reagent. Stannous sulfate, CAS 7488-55-3, has certain stimulation, which would irritate your eyes and respiratory system. So it is recommended to wear safety goggles and protective mask.
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