Triisobutyl phosphate|CAS 126-71-6

  • CAS NO.: 126-71-6
  • EINECS No.: 204-798-3
  • Molecular Formula: C12H27O4P
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Product Information
  • Product Name: Triisobutyl phosphate
  • Molecular Weight: 266.31
  • Synonyms: PHOSPHORIC ACID TRIISOBUTYL ESTER; isobutylphosphate; Phosphoricacid,tris(2-methylpropyl)ester; TRIISOBUTYL PHOSPHATE; TIBP; TRIS-ISOBUTYLPHOSPHATE; Triisobutylphosphat;
  • Tris(2-methylpropyl) phosphate
  • Appearance: Colourless transparent liquid
  • Assay: 99%
  • Boiling Point: -205°C (lit.)
  • Flash Point: 150°C
  • Density: 0.965 g/mL at 20 °C
  • Refractive Index: n 20/D 1.420
  • Vapour Pressure: 0.0191 mmHg at 25°C
  • Viscosity: 2-4cp
  • Enterprise Standard: Q/320205GKAM02-2008
  • Damage: Pathways: Inhalation, ingestion
  • Acute toxicity: LD50>5000mg/kg(Oral rat), >5000mg/kg (Rabbit percutaneous)      LC50: 5.140mg/l/4h(Inhalation rat)
  • Package: 200kg iron barrel, IBC, ISO-TANK
Item Index
Tone , APHA ≤ 20
Refractive Rate 1.4190-1.4200
Acid Value, mgKOH/g ≤ 0.1
Moisture (H2O), % ≤ 0.1

Triisobutyl phosphate, CAS 126-71-6, has slight odor, insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol, ether and other organic solvents. It would hydrolyze in alkaline conditions. Triisobutyl phosphate, CAS 126-71-6, would decompose toxic phosphorus oxide smog when in contact with high heat. Its combustion products are carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, phosphine oxide, phosphine. Triisobutyl phosphate, CAS 126-71-6, is widely used in dyeing, ink industry as defoamer, penetrating agent and dyeing auxiliary. It is a strong solvent for liquefying concrete, textile auxiliaries, paper coating compounds, etc. Besides, it also serves as a strong wetting agent used in the field of adhesives. Triisobutyl phosphate, CAS 126-71-6, has certain irritation, which may cause allergy to skin, thus, operators should wear protective clothing and gloves. 
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