Ammonium hexafluorozirconate|CAS 16919-31-6

  • CAS NO.: 16919-31-6
  • EINECS No.: 240-970-4
  • Molecular Formula: F6H8N2Zr
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Product Information
  • Product Name: Ammonium hexafluorozirconate
  • Molecular Weight: 241.29
  • Synonyms: AMMONIUM ZIRCONIUM FLUORIDE; AMMONIUM HEXAFLUOROZIRCONATE; Aammoniumfluozirconate; diammonium,(oc-6-11)-zirconate(2-hexafluoro-
  • Appearance: White crystal
  • Assay: ≥98%
  • Properties: White crystal, slightly dissolved in water and dissolved in hot water poisonous
  • Application: for the manufacture of zirconium, zirconium compound, ferroalloys, Magnesia-Alumina alloys, steel and non-ferrous meal alloys; in atomic energy industry and also in manufacture of high-class electro materials, refractory materials, electric vacuum materials, fireworks, ceramics, enamelware and glass etc.
  • Impurities: Iron(Fe)≤0.01% Chloride:(Cl)≤0.2%
  • Package: 25Kg plastic woven sack
  • Transportation caution: inorganic poisonous
Ammonium hexafluorozirconate, CAS 16919-31-6, can be added into chromic acid to increase the corrosion resistance of metals such as zinc and lead. It also plays a part in the manufacture of ceramic and glass. Ammonium hexafluorozirconate, CAS 16919-31-6, should be kept in a sealed container in cool, dry and dark places. Keep away from fire.
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