Magnesium Hydrogen Citrate (5H2O)|CAS 144-23-0

  • CAS NO.: 144-23-0
  • EINECS No.: 222-093-9
  • Molecular Formula: C6H6O7Mg·5H2O
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Product Information
  • Product Name: Magnesium Hydrogen Citrate  (5H2O)
  • Molecular Weight: 304
  • Synonyms: Citroma; magnesium 3-carboxy-3-hydroxypentanedioate(2:3); magnesium 3-carboxy-3-hydroxy-pentanedioate(3:2); magnesium 3-carboxy-3-hydroxy-glutarate(3:2); Magnesium citrate,anhydrous; Magnesium citrate anhydrous
  • Appearance: White powder/granule
  • Assay: 99%
  • Packing: 25 kg/50 lb. Box/bag/drums; 500 kilogram bag
  Powder Code10401 / Granular Code10401
Magnesium 8.0%
Chlorides 0.05% max
Sulfates 0.2% max
Calcium 1% max
Heavy metals 0.002% max
Arsenic (As) 3ppm max
Lead (Pb) 10ppm max
Iron 20ppm max
PH 3.7-4.0
Bulk Density According to Customer Requirements
Particle Size According to Customer Requirements

Magnesium Hydrogen Citrate (5H2O), CAS 144-23-0, is a nutrient and dietary supplement. It also plays a part in pharmaceutic industry. Magnesium is applied in regulating the central activity of the heart and converting blood sugar to energy and is necessary for proper calcium and vitamin C metabolism. Magnesium Hydrogen Citrate (5H2O), CAS 144-23-0, should be kept in a sealed container and stored in a clean and dry warehouse.
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