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Dexamethasone | CAS50-02-2

  • CAS NO.: 50-02-2
  • EINECS No.: 200-003-9
  • Molecular Formula: C22H29FO5
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Product Information
  • Product Name: Dexamethasone
  • Molecular Weight: 392.46
  • Synonyms: 16alpha)-; 16alpha)-9-fluoro-11, 17, 21-trihydroxy-16-methylpregna-1, 4-diene-3, 20-(11bet; 16alpha-methyl-9alpha-fluoro-1, 4-pregnadiene-11beta, 17alpha, 21-triol-2, 20-dione; 16-alpha-methyl-9-alpha-fluoro-1, 4-pregnadiene-11-beta, 17-alpha, 21-triol-3, 2; 16-alpha-Methyl-9-alpha-fluoro-1, 4-pregnadiene-11-beta, 17-alpha, 21-triol-3, 20-dione; 16-alpha-methyl-9-alpha-fluoro-11-beta, 17-alpha, 21-trihydroxypregna-1, 4-dien; 16alpha-Methyl-9alpha-fluoro-11beta-17alpha-21-trihydroxypregna-1, 4-diene-3, 20-dione; 16-alpha-methyl-9-alpha-fluoro-1-dehydrocortisol 
  • Package Specification: 25 Kg/Drum 10 Kg/Drum 5 Kg/Drum
  • Product Categories: Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients; Antitumors for Research and Experimental Use; Biochemistry; Hydroxyketosteroids; Steroids; Intermediates & Fine Chemicals; Pharmaceuticals; Isotope Labeled Compounds; Steroid and Hormone; Pharmaceutical intermediate; API; MAXIDEX; Hormone Drugs; Mainly used for anti-inflammatory and allergy
  • Quality Specification: EP/USP/Ch.P/JP
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